Date: 22nd July

9:00 Opening of the workshop

9:05-9:45 Keynote speech: Fahim Kawsar, Bell Labs

Quantified Enterprise – Redefining Future Workspace Experience with Network Sensing

Abstract: What makes a great team? How to predict a team’s success? How to discover the next leader? How to design a workspace that boosts creativity? Does playful bright workspace make teams more productive? What makes a happy and stress free workspace? Answers to these questions can dramatically change the way modern organizations operate, manage their employees and measure success. In this talk, I will share how Bell Labs’ research is helping organizations to find the answers of the above questions by taking an opportunistic network sensing approach that transforms quantified noise into social signals and uncovers hidden behavioral and communication patterns that exist within and across organizations. I will cover the behavioral inference engine of this system, and share some of the fascinating results based on year long deployments in multiple organizations around the world.

10:00-10:15 “Classification of Steps on Road Surface Using Acceleration Signals”, Junji Takahashi, Yusuke Kobana, Yoshito Tobe, Guillaume Lopez

10:15-10:30 “Enabling Proactivity in Context-aware Middleware Systems by means of a Planning Framework based on HTN Planning”, Preeti Bhargava, Ashok Agrawala

10:30-10:45 “A Method to Assign Spread Codes Based on Passive RFID Communication for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors Using Spread Spectrum Transmission”, Ken Takahashi, KenjiInoue, Yuusuke Kawakita, Jin Mitsugi, Haruhisa Ichikawa

10:45-11:00 “A Method for Detecting Damage of Traffic Marks by Cameras Attached to Cars”, Takafumi Kawasaki, Takuro Yonezawa, JinNakazawa, Kazunori Takashio, Hideyuki Tokuda, Takeshi Iwamoto, Michito Matsumoto